Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifts I made for Christmas this year.

Here is a Poochie bag I made for my Aunt. I made two of these in different fabrics. They are the perfect size to carry a few books home from the library. It would also make a nice lunch bag. I showed a friend how to make these and she took off. I think she made 20 or more of these. This was only her second sewing project. Check out the tutorial for this great bag on Happy Zombie

This is a chess board that I made using an iron on interfacing grid. The grids are made by Quilt Top Express.  This is a great way to make a personalized game board for the chess or checker player in your family.

These are some baby doll buntings I found in the Moda Bake Shop.  I altered the pattern because I wanted to make something for my daughter's Beanie Babies. The pattern for the bunting calls for 10 inch squares, but I used a charm pack and the end result was these pictures above which are a perfect size for Beanie Babies.

This is a bundle of gifts I sent to our family in Indiana.  From L to R, a tiny poochie bag (just the right size for a gift card), two journal covers that I designed myself, a pig pillowcase, 4 floral coasters, and a personalized towel.  I will be posting a tutorial for these great notebook covers in the near future.

I made these father and son pajama pants for our family in DC.  They arrived in the nick of time for them to wear these when they watched the playoff games.  

This is the first project I ever made from the Moda Bakeshop.  The tutorial for it was very simple and it was a lot of fun to make.  I had it done within an hour.  This is a grocery bag dispenser.  This one went to a friend in Kansas.

This little bag takes 20 minutes.  I made two of them this year as gifts.  The tutorial for this is very general so you can play with the sizes and make one almost any size you want by following the basic instructions on the tutorial.

These were for the females in the house of our DC family.  The apron on the left with the ruffle is reversible.  The mother's apron is also reversible but there is no ruffle -- just an applique of a crown.  There is no specific tutorial for me to lead you to on these because I read multiple tutorials and then winged it.  The crown design is mine.  I got the courage to try this without a direct pattern at my mother's leading and encouragement.  She said I had been sewing for so many years I should be able to know what I want, lay it out and make it.  That's what I did.  Because of her words, I made six things this year without a pattern.  This was a major stepping out of the box for me. However, I believe this opens a new chapter in my quilting and crafting.  The chef's hat came from a great tutorial from Michael Miller Fabrics' blog.  I was able to make two of these in very little time.  On the first one I forgot to put interfacing in the band but it still looks great on -- it just isn't able to stand up by itself when it's not on your head.

The second hat was for my youngest.  You can see how impressed she was.  LOL

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  1. Very nice Nikki! And thank your for my mini tree quilt... Good job with the paternless items.