Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Couldn’t Love You More

I Couldn’t Love You More
By Jason Ingram and Matt Hammitt

This is a beautiful illustrated hardback picture book for your little one or even just for you! The message is simple.  Jesus is always with you and Jesus loves you more than even your parents can. It expresses the complete love of the parent for the child. The illustrations in this book are just gorgeous.  I would like to purchase another copy of this book just so I can remove some of the pages and frame them for my wall.
This book was inspired by one of the author’s child’s diagnosis with a heart defect.  One of the pages especially touched my heart.  It says, ”You are mine for a moment but you are His Forever His.” I lost my middle daughter minutes after she was born to the birth defects caused by anencephaly. After carrying her for nine months and giving birth to her, she was literally only mine for a moment, but I was comforted by the belief that she went immediately from my arms into the arms of Jesus.
Also, being a foster parent who is hoping to adopt, it is always gut wrenching when a child that has been in my care is placed with a family member and leaves our home. It is comforting to know that no matter where that child goes, even though I can’t be with them anymore, Jesus is always with them.
This would be a lovely book to give to departing foster children, to your own child, or to a new grandchild. This book was provided to me by Tyndale publishers for my review. They have also given me a coupon for another copy so I can share this book with one of my blog followers. If you would like a chance to own a copy of this book Please leave a comment telling me who in your life you would like to ensure knows that Jesus loves them more than anyone on earth. I will randomly choose a comment on Monday morning July 2,2012.