Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Little Stocking Ornament Tutorial

This past week I worked very hard to get my annual ornament completed. With the help of my Mum I was able to get them sewn up and most of them sent out. I think they came out pretty cute. 

 To make these little cuties you need one charm pack, 1/2 yd of coordinating fabric and my Stocking Pattern. You will also need 48 inches of ribbon cut into 4 inch lengths. (not pictured.) This will make 12 little stockings. 
 Fold your fabric so you have 6 layers. The selvage should be at the top. 
 Use your scissors and cut out the first set. Then you will re-pin the pattern and repeat 3 more times. 
Now you have a stack of cut our stocking shapes.  
 Choose 12 sets of coordinating charm squares. Because I am using one charm pack I don't have matching tops but I tried to choose ones with the same primary color for each set. I think this adds to the versatility of the stocking. You can hang it on the tree either way. 
 Fold the squares in half. 
 Center them on the top of your stocking piece. Sew across with a 1/4 inch seam. 
 Do the same with the coordinating charm square on the reverse of the stocking piece. You should have a set like this when you are done. They are basically a mirror image. Do this step with all your stocking pieces. 

 Iron each piece pressing away from the stocking body. Go ahead and press all your stockings. 

I am sorry but this picture is not quite right. I finished all of mine before I realized that my picture was incorrect. I am going to explain the proper way to trim these up. The theory above is right. The only difference is you are going to take the two mirror stocking pieces and place them face to face (pretty sides of fabric touching) before you trim. The picture shows them stacked properly. It is just hard to see that there are two stocking units there. I try to angle my cut a little outward if possible so I can have a tiny flair at the top of the stocking. 
 Now after you trim you should have two mirror pieces stacked on top of one another ready to sew. 
 Place your piece of 4 inch ribbon between the two layers and pin in place. This is your hanger. Pin the rest of the way around your stocking. 

 Sew around the edges leaving the top open. 
 You are almost done. It is looking great. 

 This step is very important to make your stocking look nice and smooth. Make little snips around the edges on all the curved areas. make sure not to cut too close to your stitching. Only snip about an 1/8 of an inch in. 
 Turn your stocking right side out and press. Yay! You now have  a great ornament for your tree. Or, you can fill with candy and give to a neighbor or friend. 

The first person who makes this ornament and sends me a picture along with any pattern corrections. I will mail you a fat quarter of your choice.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hard Candy Quilt

This is my newest pattern. I taught this quilt for the first time as a mystery earlier this year. I was so pleased with the results. This quilt is made from one jelly roll and 2 1/2 yards of background. You have enough strips left over to complete the binding as well. I get frustrated when I pick up a precut pattern and they want me to have various amounts of multiple fabrics. I want someone to be able to pick up my pattern along with a jelly roll and background fabric and be able to make a beautiful quilt.
Roger did the quilting on this one. I love how he did circles on this very square quilt. I think it added a whole other element to the quilt. He has an amazing eye for things. I am always so surprised at what he comes up with. 
This is a view of the back so you can have a better idea of how the circles look.  I hope to have the pattern in my etsy shop before the end of the year. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Handmade Christmas gift ideas

I love to spend time looking thru tutorials online for inspiration. I have made quite a few things since I  happened upon this great creative outlet a little over a year ago. I used many different ones last year to help me make some special homemade gifts for family and friends. Over the last year I have taken the time to compile a list of my favorites. Or I could call it wishlist of the many things I would like to make.  I have been asked numerous times to share my list. I don't mind sharing it even though I add to it almost daily. If you make any of the great things listed be sure to thank the ones who wrote the tutorial. What makes blogs so appealing to me is the willingness of so many ladies and men to share their creative ideas. So without further ado I give you THE LIST! Enjoy!! 

Quilting tutorials Links

piped binding

gathered clutch

bright hope Blocks

beach bag and towel all in one

scrappy Stars quilt

lunch bag

patchwork wrist pouch

denim skirt

painting with kids

buttercup bag

cloth softies book tutorial

lawn chair quilts

play diaper bag

Quiet book

Bento box jelly roll quilt

bucket bag

Snuggly Squares Baby Quilt (Layer Cake)

sleep mask

alphabet rocks

storybook puzzle blocks

poochie bag

friend bag

cart caddy

fabric basket

Snowman candy bars

word blocks

picture box

piano bag

great recipes for the holidays

chef's hat

pencil bag

messanger bag

pencil case


laundry soap

flower pin cushion

coffee photo sleeve

fabric potato head

ruffled skirt

decorative pins

ipod cover


boxy pouch

bento box quilt

double hourglass blocks

mini zippered bag

paper snowflakes


hedgehog pincushion

stuffed animal

two sided apron


marshmellow gun

travel pillow case


Eye mask

felt food

candy bags

shopping bags

cute pincushion

puffy pouch

cardboard stars

rag rug

spider web quilt


pot holder wallet

Shoulder bag

lined zipper pouch

bag with zipper on front.

metal top clutch

table runner

juice pouch pencil case

binky clips

handmade flowers

crayon bag


oven mitts

crochet flower magnets

lollipop cookies

fabric card and envelope

baby Mac quilt

Stacked coins quilt

ruffle top


machine cathedral windows.

lunch bag

tutorial round up

tank top tote

Ironing board cover

small purse

flower tote

bloom quilt

Royal icing

Shopping Bag

easy square baby quilt

kids car mat

disappering nine patch I Spy

shopping bag out of a T-shirt

potato bag

bag sew along

flower cupcakes

1/2 yard bag

Love bird

Stroller bag

Hexie pincushion


play mat

monster pillow

oragami folded bag

recycled field bag

small messenger bag


box pouch

fat quarter bag

drawstring bag

house pouch

tiny treat bags

snow globe soap

mug rug

lunch money cuff

mushroom lunch bag

trinket bags

kitchen towel apron

hair wrap towel

various bag sizes

Please remember that these are for personal use only. You can not make any of these items to resell without permission from the artist.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Busy sewing

 This week I have been putting my new sewing machine to good use. I have been making ACU Kippahs. A friend of ours from Georgia asked me to make him a few. I did some market research and noticed that they are not available anywhere. I thought I would whip up some extras and list them in my etsy shop and see how they go. I believe they turned out pretty nice. They are a lot nicer than the ones you can get from the Chaplin, or so I think. 

I made them with many different linings. I have a few more cut out that I will try and get together this weekend. 
This one is my favorite. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

My first Tutorial

I have been wanting to write a tutorial for a long time. I read my first tutorial online a little over a year ago and I was hooked. I have made so many neat things because of others willingness to share their talents. It took a magazine deadline to get ME kicked into high gear. My mom works for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I have worked for them off and on when extra help was needed. We were asked if we would like to come up with a craft for their Christmas supplement. I have made scrunchies for years. I even have a friends who will request them whenever I go home for a visit. So I wrote out instructions. My first Tutorial!! I am so excited. 
Please go to the link below to see my article.
The Old Schoolhouse has out a lot of time into this holiday magazine supplement so if you would like to see a lot of other great ideas feel free to browse the pages and enjoy. 
I hope this tutorial will be the first of many. I want to celebrate my first tutorial so I am giving away the scrunchie pictured above as well as a red snowflake one. I will choose one winner from the comments below on Monday November 15th at 9:00pm MST.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special story bible

I received a great book from Tyndale recently to review that is my personal favorite of all the books I have reviewed. This one has made for some great bedtime reading with my youngest daughter. 
I have owned and read many story bibles but this one makes the stories very personal for my daughter. Each story focus on a character trait and then has you use your daughters name in a sentence with that trait. This was a great way to reinforce the point of the story as well as edify my little girl. Each story also ended with a fill in the blank of ____ is God's special princess. What a great book to help train up daughters and granddaughters to know that they are special in God's eyes. Another great part of the book is that there is some women of the bible mentioned that don't always get a lot of press. Which lead to my little one being interested to know more about these women. I would recommend this book as a gift to any young little girl. It is a great read along, to be shared for years to come. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Two special quilts

 I guess all my quilts are special but when I make a quilt for a family member for the first time it has a special quality to me. Before we made our move across the US. I worked real hard to get some tops done. I did this for two reasons.
1. I wanted to give some quilts as gifts along the way.
2. I wanted to practice and try out the many great features of our new machine.
The first one I completed was for my Dad.
I made this for his semi truck bed. It is an extra long twin. It has a cowboy theme because whenever I think of my dad I think about him wearing his Wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. I have never saw my dad on a horse. He is just the typical American truck driver. He works hard and loves what he does. I love the smell of diesel fuel. It makes me always think of my dad. Whenever we are on road trips I love to stop at truck stops just so I can smell the diesel fumes. Kind of crazy right!! Some of my best memories as a kid were of times I was with my dad either on the road or working on his truck. That is why I thought there was not better quilt to make for him then one for his truck.

This cowboy was the one that looked the most like my dad. My dad's hair is mostly gray now but I still think of him this way. Every time I see this block it makes me smile.

Here is a glimpse of some of the other cowboys on this quilt. I have worked on this quilt for 10 years. I started it when we lived in El Paso, TX. It has been across the ocean and back inside a tin lunch box. I would pull it out and work on it every so often. Finally my family pushed me to finish it so I could give it to him. Unfortunately I was not able to give it to him while I was in our home town during the move. He was not able to make his schedule work to meet up with me. So is the life of the trucker. Hopefully he will make it thru CO sometime or I will catch up with him next time I am back home. Either way I could not wait to post pictures of it since this quilt is so special to me. 

Another quilt that I made before we left was one for my half sister. I wanted to make her a quilt since I have not been able to get to know her much since I have moved all over the country since she was born. I thought I could share with her a special gift made from my talents. 
I asked her mom what some her interests were and she said that her favorite color was lime green. I found a batik with pears on it and made that my focus. I used a pattern from Quiltmaker magazine. It is a favorite of mine. I have made it many times over the years. I always enjoy the end result. The pattern is called Warm Wishes. The pattern on the site is bigger but like I said I have made this many times in multiple sizes. This one I made is a twin size. 
My sister also has a passion for music so I choose music notes for the quilting. I also put Minky on the back to make it extra snuggly. I wasn't able to give this to her since I never made the connection with my Dad but hopefully soon it can make it's way to her. 

I have quite a few more quilts to post but first I must get the binding sewn down. Back to work! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Giveaway

Check out my moms Blog Kitty's Roar! She is having a giveaway for a great kids bible from Tyndale House.

The Big Move!

I am sorry I have been away from my blog for so long we have been in transition over the last month and a half. It all started on July 2nd when our household goods were picked up. We were leaving the South, headed to live in the mountains of Colorado. On our way we had a month long adventure of visiting family and friends.
We also had a very special member of our family along for the fun. Celine our exchange student from 08/09 came along for the fun. This was a great way for her to see a lot of the USA while on her summer break from school.

Our first stop was SC to see good friends!!

We made some important fabric related stops along the way.

We delivered a quilt to my oldest niece.

It is a quilt to commemorate her visit to Europe in 2007

Her is my lovely niece being so gracious by letting me take her picture with the quilt. She immediately snuggled up with it and made good use of it. That is why I make quilts to be cherished and used. 

The cousins in a heap after a long day of playing.

Our next stop was the St Louis Arch. This is the tiny pod to the top for the great views. 

Then we were finally in my home state KANSAS!! WooHoo!!
We spent three weeks here but I was so busy I took very few pictures. 

My oldest and I rode horses two days in a row.

KS is so pretty!

I love to ride horses almost as much as my oldest!

We went to Silver Dollar City one weekend. The second row has part of our crew.

Daddy rode rides with our youngest. 

We celebrated 3 birthdays while we were home in KS. This is our youngest turning 5! Daddy was Captain Hook and she was a warrior Tinker Bell!!

Finally a little over a month after leaving Georgia we found a new home to make memories in while we are in CO. The trip getting here was so much fun but I am excited to settle in and get some quilting done. 
My Gammill Statler Stitcher arrives on Monday. I am very excited. I already have some tops to load when it arrives. My Mum and I have visited two quilt guilds already and have a few more on our list. I am looking forward to getting involved in the local area and growing our business and hopefully our family.