Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

I wanted to share with you a little of what has been in my longarm and I have pieced the past few months.

 I made this for a friend of my daughters who has a medieval theme for his room. 
This was a New York beauty quilt for a customer. 
 A car seat quilt for a friend I grew up with that had his first child. 

 This is a memory quilt made from clothes. I like to make these a little different than others. I find a pattern I like and change the main focus fabric for clothes. I pick a fabric line that makes me think of either the person we are remembering or the person who will snuggle under it for warm memories. 

 These two are are part of the same customers order. They do have slight differences. 
 Last in the memory quilt series for this customer. 
A customer gave me the little fabric postcards and a painted center block. She wanted something for her granddaughter  I was given 10 days to get this done so I was pressed for time and had to work from my stash. 
 This is a customer quilt. I quilted "Roll Tide Pride" all over it with footballs. 
 I really love what one of my customers did with this tradional pattern. This quilt is all hand pieced. I quilted baseballs, bats and a glove all over. It was such a fun quilt to quilt. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun listen for the whole family.

Oliver Twist is a delightful and gripping story, well told in this Radio Theater presentation from Focus on the Family. Even our youngest turned off her movie to listen and our teenager took the music out of her ears to listen. Hearing the original story in this manner was so much more rewarding than movies and plays inspired by Mr. Dickens' book. The story has been told many times and many ways but the best rendition of it is the original. We listened to this as a family (3 generations) driving back and forth to church and appointments. It was sad when it ended because there was not another one to take its place. Here is hoping that Focus on the Family puts more classics on disc for families to enjoy. This is a great tool for homeschoolers but it is also just pure entertainment for anyone who will take the time to listen. If you would like to order a copy or hear a sample please visit Focus on the Family for this title and many more. 

Tyndale gave me this product free of charge to review.  I did not receive any compensation for such and all opinions are my own.