Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Garland

On Friday night we sat down after dinner and got busy making a Christmas light garland from felt. I orginally saw the idea on Cakies Blog . I made mine quite different. Emme picked what colors we used. Grandma, Lil and I cut them out. Then we thought about gluing them but the only glue I had was white school glue. I know from past experience that this does not work well with felt. So we decided to sew them

Lil took on this job and I was so excited. You would think that since she is my daughter that she could sew like a wiz and that she sews all the time. Most of the time she is occupied with other things or she will wait to ask until I am really busy. She has tried a few things in the past but she gets frustrated with herself if she makes any mistakes. She is really good in the kitchen though and I fell in time she will do more sewing. Anyway back to the lights. We kind of raced. I was in charge of pinning and she was in charge of sewing. We got them done in record time.We strung them on red double fold bias tape. We hung them in our kitchen and bathroom. Our whole house is starting to take on a cheery glow.


  1. What a beautiful garland! Nice job. That will be something you'll enjoy for many years, I'm sure. Family made decorations are the best!

  2. Great job Lillie! Very cute Nikki! and sewn will last longer anyhow!