Friday, November 12, 2010

My first Tutorial

I have been wanting to write a tutorial for a long time. I read my first tutorial online a little over a year ago and I was hooked. I have made so many neat things because of others willingness to share their talents. It took a magazine deadline to get ME kicked into high gear. My mom works for the Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I have worked for them off and on when extra help was needed. We were asked if we would like to come up with a craft for their Christmas supplement. I have made scrunchies for years. I even have a friends who will request them whenever I go home for a visit. So I wrote out instructions. My first Tutorial!! I am so excited. 
Please go to the link below to see my article.
The Old Schoolhouse has out a lot of time into this holiday magazine supplement so if you would like to see a lot of other great ideas feel free to browse the pages and enjoy. 
I hope this tutorial will be the first of many. I want to celebrate my first tutorial so I am giving away the scrunchie pictured above as well as a red snowflake one. I will choose one winner from the comments below on Monday November 15th at 9:00pm MST.

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  1. Good for you!! I don't have enough hair for a scrunchie, but way to go :-D