Friday, January 8, 2010

No Sew Swap blocks are ready to go.

Tonight I cut out all my Glory in Scraps blocks. I also went ahead and pieced my block. I really like how it turned out. I have eyed this block for some time.

While I was making this block tonight I was thinking.  This is a Red White and Blue swap that doesn't necessarily mean that it is patriotic. I guess being an Army wife this is just what my mind automatically thinks of when I hear Red white and Blue. I hope the gals in Canada and Germany who are taking part in the swap appreciate it. This block is off to be pinned on the design wall to await the other blocks.

Here you can see the other 8 blocks laid out on my sewing desk. I work in my quilt room almost daily so my desk does not stay very neat. The pile to the right is scraps from my most recent projects. My scrap bucket needs to be emptied. On the left you can see an aluminum wrapper on top of the can. It holds a German chocolate bar that helps keep me going. These blocks will be off to Jane next week. I can't wait to see my little baggies I will be getting back in February. I will continue to post the progress of this project.


  1. I also will be mailing my blocks off soon. Love your choice of block and fabrics. It will be fun to see what everyone's quilts look like.

  2. I love your block!! I am another one that always think Patriotic when I hear red, white and blue!! I was wondering what you are using for your design wall?? And do you have to pin everything up or does it stay up on its own? I will soon have a design wall too (when our basement gets finished) so I am curious.

  3. I taped this block to my door of my quilt desk. My design wall is full of blocks right now. If you scroll down you can see it. I bought it from Keepsake quilting. It is basically a large piece of felt. I don't pin to it unless I am going to leave something up for an extended time.

  4. Looks great! (I am not in your group, but just thought I would let you know your block is fantastic!)