Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Special story bible

I received a great book from Tyndale recently to review that is my personal favorite of all the books I have reviewed. This one has made for some great bedtime reading with my youngest daughter. 
I have owned and read many story bibles but this one makes the stories very personal for my daughter. Each story focus on a character trait and then has you use your daughters name in a sentence with that trait. This was a great way to reinforce the point of the story as well as edify my little girl. Each story also ended with a fill in the blank of ____ is God's special princess. What a great book to help train up daughters and granddaughters to know that they are special in God's eyes. Another great part of the book is that there is some women of the bible mentioned that don't always get a lot of press. Which lead to my little one being interested to know more about these women. I would recommend this book as a gift to any young little girl. It is a great read along, to be shared for years to come. 

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