Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Bag Pattern

Recently I had the opportunity to do some pattern testing. I have designed patterns in the past and have had people test for me but never have I pattern tested for someone else. One of my favorite blogs Two Peas in a Pod. Trish asked a few months ago for pattern testers. I have enjoyed seeing her work and thought it would be great fun. She gave me a copy of her new Madison bag to test. I really enjoyed bringing her text to life. Many times when I am given a deadline or a challenge I will wait until the last moment. This bag was more like a mystery to me and I could not wait to see what it looked like finished.
This is how it all started out. I got the pattern in a PDF format so I could print it off and get busy. The actual pattern when it is purchased from her website will have the pattern pieces printed out on one sheet of paper. I had to tape mine together. 

I got right to work to solve the mystery. You might not think it was a mystery since I had a picture of the end result but that was her end not mine. My fabrics were different and from the picture I really could not tell the size of the bag. 

It said to add a strip of coordinating fabric on the flap but I thought that some pretty ribbon and lace would look oohhh so nice. 

I love how the bag came out in the end. My strap is shorter than the pattern instructions. Error on my part not the designer. 

I really like how the flap turned out. This flap has a snap closure. I have made many bags but this is only the second one with a snap. Pretty cool! I think many more of my bags are going to have snaps. 
A peek at the inside of this cute bag. I have this bag hanging in my quilt room. I just enjoy looking at it. I am not sure who I am going to gift with it yet. Or I might just decide to keep this one. If you would like to purchase a pattern for this great bag or one of Trish's other amazing bag patterns jump over to her blog and snag them up. Trish also designs cute girls dresses and accessories. If you buy one of her patterns let her know that you heard about her from me. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winner Announced and the Mystery stitcher revealed

This contest was a lot of fun. Although I was hoping for a little bigger response I am so happy that all of you voted for your favorite turtle. I believe most of you voted based on color and appearance. The person who challenged me said people would "like his turtle better." The construction of the two turtles was quite varying. I purposefully took photos that would flatter the turtles. Since this was  a contest of likability and not construction Lenny is clearly the winner. The person responsible for the winning turtle is none other that my hubby!!
I think he did a great job. This is not the first time he has sewn. He has made numerous projects over the years. He has also started longarm quilting with me recently. We upgraded our longarm to a Statler Optimum. The precision is amazing and I am having a blast practicing while learning about this new machine. 

Now what you all are really wanting to know is who won the seam ripper. I used to get the number and the winner was: Nici

Nici said...

I cast my vote for Lenny! (Although both are adorable)!

I will contact Nici via e-mail to arrange shipment. If any of you would like to purchase any of my husbands great hand turned sewing and crochet aids please view our etsy shop
Thank you all again for your comments and votes. Please continue to check back for other giveaways. 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Meet Lenny and Josie / Giveaway

We have a winner.  I will announce it on Monday night. I  am heading out of town and will be unable to update until then. The suspense will have to hold you over for a little longer.

I had a challenge recently with someone close to me. They said they could make a better turtle. I am always up for a challenge. We stitched away together a few weeks ago and came up with two dashing turtles. We used Heather Bailey's pattern for Henrietta the turtle. I need your help though. Would you please cast your vote for your favorite turtle. I am giving away one of my husbands wood turned seam rippers as a prize to one of my voters. I will use a random number generator to pick the winner from the comments. When the voting ends on Thursday May 14th at Midnight I will post the winner and reveal the maker of each turtle. So without further ado.  I give you the turtles
Here is Josie! She likes to bask in the sun on rocks by the lake. 

Heres is Lenny. He enjoys relaxing in the shade of the daisies. 

I had to show off my pretty daisies in my flower bed by the lake. I planted these the first year we moved in and they have grown so well. They make me smile each time I see them .

The photo shoot was so taxing on the turtles that they fell over from exhaustion or maybe it was the Georgia heat. Either way you can see their bellies and underside of their shells. 

Here is a picture of the prize for one of my lucky voters.