Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Bag Pattern

Recently I had the opportunity to do some pattern testing. I have designed patterns in the past and have had people test for me but never have I pattern tested for someone else. One of my favorite blogs Two Peas in a Pod. Trish asked a few months ago for pattern testers. I have enjoyed seeing her work and thought it would be great fun. She gave me a copy of her new Madison bag to test. I really enjoyed bringing her text to life. Many times when I am given a deadline or a challenge I will wait until the last moment. This bag was more like a mystery to me and I could not wait to see what it looked like finished.
This is how it all started out. I got the pattern in a PDF format so I could print it off and get busy. The actual pattern when it is purchased from her website will have the pattern pieces printed out on one sheet of paper. I had to tape mine together. 

I got right to work to solve the mystery. You might not think it was a mystery since I had a picture of the end result but that was her end not mine. My fabrics were different and from the picture I really could not tell the size of the bag. 

It said to add a strip of coordinating fabric on the flap but I thought that some pretty ribbon and lace would look oohhh so nice. 

I love how the bag came out in the end. My strap is shorter than the pattern instructions. Error on my part not the designer. 

I really like how the flap turned out. This flap has a snap closure. I have made many bags but this is only the second one with a snap. Pretty cool! I think many more of my bags are going to have snaps. 
A peek at the inside of this cute bag. I have this bag hanging in my quilt room. I just enjoy looking at it. I am not sure who I am going to gift with it yet. Or I might just decide to keep this one. If you would like to purchase a pattern for this great bag or one of Trish's other amazing bag patterns jump over to her blog and snag them up. Trish also designs cute girls dresses and accessories. If you buy one of her patterns let her know that you heard about her from me. 

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  1. How adorable! I love those fabrics! Looks like a great pattern, I'm such a sucker for bag patterns. Actually, Trish sent me over here from her blog, she said to tell you hi!