Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winner Announced and the Mystery stitcher revealed

This contest was a lot of fun. Although I was hoping for a little bigger response I am so happy that all of you voted for your favorite turtle. I believe most of you voted based on color and appearance. The person who challenged me said people would "like his turtle better." The construction of the two turtles was quite varying. I purposefully took photos that would flatter the turtles. Since this was  a contest of likability and not construction Lenny is clearly the winner. The person responsible for the winning turtle is none other that my hubby!!
I think he did a great job. This is not the first time he has sewn. He has made numerous projects over the years. He has also started longarm quilting with me recently. We upgraded our longarm to a Statler Optimum. The precision is amazing and I am having a blast practicing while learning about this new machine. 

Now what you all are really wanting to know is who won the seam ripper. I used random.org to get the number and the winner was: Nici

Nici said...

I cast my vote for Lenny! (Although both are adorable)!

I will contact Nici via e-mail to arrange shipment. If any of you would like to purchase any of my husbands great hand turned sewing and crochet aids please view our etsy shop
Thank you all again for your comments and votes. Please continue to check back for other giveaways. 


  1. I'm the mom / mother-in-law and I received Josie for Mother's Day. She's a beauty and I lover her! That being said, I like Lenny also because I'm so tickled whenever Roger puts his hand to something because he is a true artist and it always comes through.

  2. LOL while I didn't know who made Lenny... I was sure you made Josie. And yes I did like Lenny because of the color...
    Are you going to post a pic of the new long arm?