Monday, November 2, 2009

Bagels - Homemade

Today I was wanting to make some homemade bread so I jumped on the web for some inspiration. I stumbled upon a great website that was helpful and gave me a lot of inspiration. Knead to be Loaved is a great site. She has a lot of different types of breads. I liked the fact that these are not breads you see all the time but some things that are not so frequently offered on cooking websites. I read through her instructions for making bagels and thought I could do that. So I called to my oldest Daughter so we could tackle this project together.

Here is 4 of our bagel dough balls. Each ball was for one bagel. This is during the second rising. It told me to cover them with plastic wrap but I did not spray it so it stuck a little. Once they had risen I poked a hole in the center so I could drop them in the hot water.

These turned out to swell up so much that I could only fit two in the pot at once. Next time I will divide my dough into smaller portions before I start so I can have more bagels.

My daughter held her hand up to the dough so you could have an idea of how big they were when they came out of the boiling water.

This is our finished product. They tasted very good and the texture is a lot better than the store bought ones. I hope in the future I can make them look a little prettier. I am going to punch the holes in the center before I let them rise the last time under the saran wrap so that way all they don't deflate while I am putting the hole in them like this time.
I hope after reading about my experience you will check out her site and try one of her great recipes. I think we should all try to continue learning on a regular basis.

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