Saturday, January 8, 2011

Great start to the year.

I was slow this year in mailing out most of my Christmas gifts. I still have a few packages to mail. ( hiding my head in shame) So most of my packages arrived after the new year had begun. I think it was a great way to start the year! This is just a sample of some of the things I made. I can;t post all pics yet because some packages have not arrived. 

First things first. I made some more of our reusable gift bags. I really enjoy making these and sharing them with others. My hope is that one day I will have given enough to family and friends that all our gifts will be wrapped this way when we exchange gifts. 
I made a few of these reusable grocery bags that roll up quite small to fit in you purse. Head on over to Daisy Janie and get the instructions to make some. 
These are some baked potato bags for the microwave. I used multiple tutorials when deciding how I was going to make these. You can find some good instructions HERE

These are origami bags that were fast and fun to make. I also made one for Lillie with Japanese Cats on it. Mairuru has this and some other great projects on her blog. Her blog is interesting to read. She has a new wee one and it is quite fun to see the similarities and differences in how we raise our children. 
In what has become a tradition I made my hubby some PJ Pants. I use a standard McCalls pattern for these each year. They are very quick to sew up. My sweet hubby bought me a serger for Christmas so now I can make them even faster. 
I made our youngest a new stocking this year. She has a thing for Olivia. Of the three gifts from us this year two of them were Olivia related. Who knows what will pique her interest next year. Only time will tell. 

Drum Roll Please!!! My favorite gift I made this year was!! 

Tilly's Messenger Bag

I had so much fun making this bag. When we visited my brother's family this summer my niece showed me this piece of paper that she had doodled all over. All I could think was that it would be great as fabric. I asked her if she could send me a scan of it. I told her nothing of my idea. I sent her scan into Spoonflower and had it made into fabric. I had them print it on a heavy weight cotton so it could take a lot of abuse. Then I searched through my bucket list of tutorials to find just the right one to use with this fabric. When I came to MMMCrafts I new I had found the perfect thing to make with this fabric. I made it in one afternoon. I am so proud of it. Ok I will quit bragging on myself. 

I have been busy sewing this last week and will be sharing with you all soon my newest quilts. I also have recently been asked to be a pattern tester for Quiltmaker's 100 Block Magazine. I am so excited. I am busy working on my first two blocks. More info to come later on this. 


  1. What a clever idea to use her doodles for her fabric! I'm so glad you could use the tute.

  2. I made several micro potato bags this Christmas, too. But that messenger bag...oh, my! Great thinking on your part to make her own custom fabric-I had no idea one could do that. And the final project is perfect. I bet she was thrilled beyond words.

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  4. I can't decide what I love more, the potato bags, or the fabric they're made with!:)