Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another great Read!!

Being the mother of two girls, I was excited when Tyndale gave me a copy of this book to review. I had heard of the idea of blessing your children before but this book explains it well and goes into depth on the subject. We generally think of a princess as somewhat of a diva but being the loved daughter of the King, Almighty God, is a much more pleasing association.

The book talks about rights of passage in other cultures, i.e., the quinceanera in Latin countries, but words of affirmation and love are a more lasting blessing to give our girls. Being a living example of a child of God is a rich legacy to leave them. This book concentrates on moms AND dads and the legacy they can give their children by being active participants in their lives. In our family we say we don’t spoil our children, we cherish them. This book gives lots of ideas for cherishing your daughters without spoiling them.

Moms and dads of daughters – read this book and be blessed!

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